What is the Eduphone

Eduphone is a software environment allowing you to run three servers on your Android smartphone: the LMS Moodle server, the Nextcloud server content manager, the Kiwix server free content player. It is based on the Termux application. It thus transforms your smartphone into a mini off-line server similar to the EDboxes distributed by ED4free.

In countries where internet connection is rare and expensive, the EduPhone allows a teacher or trainer to always have their educational server on them, in their smartphone, and to share it with their students every time. The opportunity will present itself. To do this, he sets his smartphone up as a wifi access point, his students connect to it with their own smartphones, then connect to the services with their smartphone’s browser.

How the Eduphone works – overview

Andoid is a somewhat unusual Linux system, but on which it is possible to run tasks, or even applications or processes, in a completely standard Linux environment.

This is what the Termux application does. It allows:
– To install a standard Linux system on Android, like Debian which is the one we use.
– To launch the processes we need in this environment (Nginx, Mysql, php-fpm).

This made it possible to install a functional environment on a smartphone containing our three application servers, Moodle, Nextcloud and Kiwix in a Debian system.

This Termux + Debian reference environment was then archived in the eduphone.tar.gz file in order to reinstall it at will on other smartphones.

In addition, we wrote two applications that communicate with Termux :
– Install EduPhone, to manage the installation of this environment on a smartphone.
– EduPhone, to manage the EduPhone environment after installation (startup, shutdown, backup, etc.)

Download Eduphone presentation

Install Eduphone

For installing a minimal configuration of Eduphone on yout smartphone,  dowload the following files and read the installation procedure:

install.eduphone.apk, the application that manages the installation.
eduphone.apk, the application that manages the Eduphone environment.
termux-app.apk, the Termux application
termux-api.apk which allows the two eduphone applications to communicate with the Termux application.
TXsystem.tar.gz  (800 MB) , which is a backup of the Termux environment containing Debian 11.
TXedphone_mini.tar.gz  (600 MB) , which is a backup of applications Moodle, Nextcloud and Kiwix, software and contents, in minimal configuration.  , the shell script which restore system and application environment.
3.1.EN-Eduphone-installation_procedure.pdf  , installation procedure in english.
3.1.FR-Eduphone-procedure_installation.pdf  , procédure d’installation en français.

Optionally, the wifi-hotspot.apk file allows you to install the Portable wifi hotspot application, which allows you to put a smartphone into a wifi access point even if there is no SIM card, which is used in older versions of Android.

For any question please send mail to contact @

Notez que le serveur Moodle hébergeant 300 formations universitaires issues de la plateforme FUN-Ressources ( éditée par L’Université Numérique est disponible sur Eduphone, voir démonstration sur
Pour commander une carte SD ou une clé USB contenant ce serveur sur Eduphone, donc tournant sur smartphone,  écrire à contact @